About Us

Who Are We?

Some people think of us as new age bankers, that is we operate with no boundaries. We look at every nook and cranny, every type of expert or people who can help achieve our clients objective.

I personally don’t think of it as new age, i think of it as old age. We are proud to be seasoned bankers who mix perspective, context and boundless enthusiasm to know what can be done and when and how to do.

Our Focus is the client

Our focus is how to help you with what you are trying to achieve. Is it to raise capital in private placement, is it to go public, is it to do a joint venture, is it to do a merger or is it to expand overseas. is it to help your environment within your work?

And we have no bureaucracy, we have no silos, we have no unnecessary complicated lingo that is just to confuse people. We are very bottom line oriented, like you are in your business and we don’t want to waste your time, we don’t want to waste our time. We want to get to the job, complete the job, and see you happy and smiling.

Process starts with a frank talk

Tell us the objective and we will provide counsel and if needed bring together a team to help achieve it.

We are senior bankers and executives from around the globe bringing our years of experience to the service of our clients.

Without the shackles of large corporate bureaucracies that divert from clients business and interest, we act knowledgeably, swiftly and profitably for our clients.

Not just traditional Capital markets, we bring important enablers of transactions

With so many years and geographies of experience under our belt we also have a network of top shelf professional service providers such as right
Lawyers,Accountants, IT specialists and HR professionals who are critical enablers in transaction execution.